Muttedly Pawsome Dog Grooming: A Bark Above the Rest!

Hamilton, Ontario is home to Muttedly Pawsome Dog Grooming, the highest rated salon by Google reviews. And it’s no wonder why! With master groomer Fay running the show, the quality of grooming and products is unmatched.

Fay is a true artist when it comes to dog grooming. She has a keen eye for detail and an undeniable passion for making pups look and feel their best. Her expertise is reflected in the glowing reviews left by satisfied customers.

Here are six Google reviews raving about the amazing job Fay did with their dogs:

  1. “Fay did an incredible job grooming our golden retriever. He looked like a brand new dog when we picked him up! His coat was shiny, his nails were trimmed, and he smelled amazing. We will definitely be back!” Paul R.
  2. “I have never seen my dog look so good! Fay is a magician when it comes to grooming. She was gentle and patient with my nervous pup and made sure he was comfortable throughout the entire process. Highly recommend!” Carly B.
  3. “Fay is amazing! My dog has never been so happy to get groomed. She listened to my concerns and gave my pup a haircut that was both functional and stylish. Thank you, Fay!” Ryan W.
  4. “Muttedly Pawsome Dog Grooming is the only place I trust with my furry friend. Fay is a master at what she does and always goes above and beyond to make sure my dog looks and feels great. Can’t recommend enough!” Mohammed T.
  5. “I brought my dog to Muttedly Pawsome Dog Grooming for the first time and was blown away by the level of care and attention Fay gave her. She was patient and kind, and my dog left looking like a million bucks!” Sofia L.
  6. “Fay is a true professional. She takes the time to get to know each dog and their specific needs. My pup has never looked better and always comes home happy and relaxed. Thank you, Fay, for your exceptional service!” Beatrice J.

Muttedly Pawsome Dog Grooming is more than just a salon – it’s a place where dogs can receive personalized care and attention from a dedicated and passionate groomer. Whether your furry friend needs a simple trim or a full spa day, Fay and her team will make sure they leave looking and feeling their best. So why settle for anything less than pawsome? Give Muttedly Pawsome Dog Grooming a try today!